NUJ Public Relations & Communications Branch

Public Relations and Communications Branch is home to NUJ PR sector members in the London area.

Meeting the second Wednesday of every month at Headland House, the branch gives lay members the opportunity to be involved in union campaigns and decisions, ultimately influencing the actions and structure of your trade union.


Regular social events, networking sessions, talks and workshops involving industry leading lights give members the chance to get to know each other and develop their professional understanding.

Code Of Ethics

The NUJ Public Relations code of ethics has been developed jointly between the branch and PR and Communications Council.

Branch Officers

Learn more about the team behind the NUJ Public Relations & Communications Branch.


The Public Relations and Communications Council is the NUJ’s national industrial council for the sector, made up of elected members from throughout England and Ireland.


Please contact us for all branch related enquiries. For general enquiries about the union or membership issues please contact NUJ head office.

What the union did for me

What the union did for me

I’m a relatively new member of the NUJ’s PR branch having joined less than a year ago but, in that time, I’ve met high-flying professionals and experienced pros with real insight in communications. That’s been invaluable. it’s a great way to learn more about who to...

Lockdown does not stop solidarity

Lockdown does not stop solidarity

May Day in 2020 has been the quietest since it originated, way back in Chicago, 1886. Known as the Haymarket affair, labourers demonstrated for an 8-hour day which was met with violence from police at that...

2020 will be a year to defend PR ethics

2020 will be a year to defend PR ethics

The recent general election was dominated by Brexit and a very presidential style of campaigning, with both candidates trying to capture support for their "brand" of politics. But another issue came to the fore when the main party leaders went head to head in the ITV...

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The NUJ is the union for press officers, public relations officers, communications specialists, in-house journal editors and editorial professionals in a wide range of related roles. Anyone whose responsibilities involve editorial work in PR and similar activities is welcome to enjoy the benefits of becoming a member

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