NUJ national delegate meeting – key information

March 23, 2021

Branch delegation convenor Anita Halpin explains what lies ahead leading up to the union’s first virtual National Delegate meeting in May, which makes NUJ policy.

Last year’s delegate meeting was inevitably postponed but there will be an on-line DM from 17 – 22 May, with the formal opening on Monday morning and all the motions tabled for 2020 being debated on the Friday and Saturday.

There will be a number of other events and initiatives throughout the week enabling the wider NUJ membership to engage with the diverse range of campaigns and work the union is involved in.

Please check the union’s website where you will also find the 2020 Final Agenda.

I’ve been doing some research about what other unions, most of whom cancelled their national policy conference last year, are doing this year and I am very proud that our union seems to be the only one to have organised a virtual meeting which allows delegates to participate in a democratic, inclusive and effective way, whilst remaining safe and in compliance with legislation across the union’s nations and regions.

The delegation will be meeting in the next couple of weeks and bring forward a report to the April meeting.

The meeting will also be electing one replacement delegate because our branch secretary Natasha will not be able to be attend. The branch is also entitled to have two observers.

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