Pandemic means good mental health is a now a top priority, PR members told.

March 19, 2021

Trade union trainer Caroline Holmes stressed the importance of coping strategies in maintaining good mental health such as exercise and focusing on positive ways to keep motivated.

At our March branch meeting, Caroline said developing a healthier routine, staying connected with friends and loved ones in lonely times and making sure you get enough sleep, was key to maintaining good mental health.

She pointed out how important it was for people to not be afraid to ask for help from friends, union colleagues and professionals if things became too much during highly stressful periods at work.

Several members spoke about some of the difficulties they’d faced during lockdown, with increased isolation from increased home working and pressure from employers to work well beyond expected hours.

Branch vice chair Ben Coates said: “It was a brilliant and informative session which members benefited enormously from.

“Our branch has trained union reps for employment related issues at work and you can speak to them in confidence by getting in touch below.”

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